A quote by Dodinsky.  Regardless of how cheesy D’s quotes seem to be, I almost always relate, and they almost always come to me at just the right time.

This particular quote hits home for me. I’ve recently let go of an issue that has plagued me virtually my entire life, one that was damaging to my soul and my entire sense of being, one that attracted all of the wrong kinds of relationships at the right times, one that I’ve been aware of and struggling with for many years. The fear of letting go of the comfort of discord was sometimes greater than the faith that I needed to release it and live in peace. These last couple of weeks have been weeks of major transcendence and because of that came the emotional struggles that accompany the fears of letting go. I let go. I refuse to project my personal bullshit onto anyone. I accept others exactly as they are. I take full responsibility for myself. I choose to progress to greener pastures and I choose to live my life in happiness and freedom and gratitude and faith and hopefulness. I choose to continue to believe that all things are possible. I choose greatness and greatness shall ensue.

Posted on March 4, 2015 3 Comments