January 2016

Put aside your own limitations. Put aside your own understanding of what can and cannot happen in life. Put aside your own disbelief and doubt and believe in someone else’s hope. If someone comes to you with a dream and that little nagging voice in your head says, “well that’s never going to happen” followed by the long list of super plausible reasons why; Stop. Breath. Believe. Believe in their possibilities. Feel happiness and joy for their dreams. Don’t pollute their consciousness with your doubt fuel it with hope. The belief in their dreams might be the very thing that keeps them going. Their hope might be running low and the one thing that they need to refill that tank is someone they love and trust to say to them, without a doubt or a “ya but…” that everything is going to be ok and that it is going to happen for them. Hope is free. Pass it along generously.

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