Critique on Lisa Levy's Critique

Women getting naked for the sake of proving some socio-polical point of view is hardly original and a very popular theme in performance art, from Aliza Shvarts’ Abortion Art to Deborah de Robertis’ Origin of the World and everything in between.

Ironically Lisa Levy’s performance is just as pompous as her desire to critique the pompous nature of art today. You would think that a “self-proclaimed” psychotherapist would be privy to this…

What better way to get instantly recognized than to sit naked in public for two days. Who has the ego again???

Girl Please!!!

I’m tired of listening to artists complain about the pretense and competition in the art world when they are the ones propagating that pretense and competition by creating a gimmick piece derived from thoughtless subterfuge.

To read the article on Levy’s performance click the link below.

Posted on January 21, 2016 Leave a comment