What The WHAAAA?

We are living in a Brave New World, 1984 is code for 2017 and Androids Do Dream of Electric Sheep.

I’ve been avoiding this topic, that of the current American government since the election. Since the Republic has come into power I haven’t been able to find the words to describe my state of consciousness. I guess I could say that I’m in shock and have progressively fallen deeper in shock every passing day since Jan. 21st 2017.

Since T-bags election I’ve been manipulated by sales people lying to me about their product, hacked twice, once on my Netflix and another time on instagram, received telephone messages with a 1970’s sci-fi computer voice stating that I was being sued by the IRS and needed to call the number they provided immediately, and the piece de resistance was the $9000.00 I won from the government for being such an outstanding citizen because I always pay my taxes…interesting how the IRS is simultaneously suing me for not paying my taxes and giving me thousands of dollars for paying my taxes; the catch? I had to give them my personal bank information and they would transfer the money. What, the government doesn’t own checks? Crazy breeds crazy and the crazies are coming out in hoards. It’s like a dark cloud has shrouded the planet (or maybe it’s just New York haze) and all of the damaged shysters are coming out in droves ever since the biggest dickweed in American history has been elected President of the United States. I have nothing against choosing to be a shyster as your personal career path, I always say do what you love, but for the love of God, do it well. If you’re going to steal why not steal from those who can afford to loose, why steal from people who might get evicted because you stole their rent check or whose children might starve that month because you’re the dickhead who fucked them over. Why not become such an amazing shyster that you manage to steal from all the fuckers bragging about the multi-gazillion dollars they posses…ehem…Mr. T-bag…ehem….

In all honesty, I don’t know how to talk about the current political climate.   It is all so unbelievably ridiculous that I almost feel foolish discussing it, questioning how anyone can waste their time arguing against these idiotic politicians who are working to pass the most moronic policies that will destroy the very fabric that this country was founded on. And arguing with the people who voted for this?! They call themselves American but are they so blind and ignorant that they can’t see that the current president and his lackeys are the most un-American individuals that have ever had that much power in the US government in history? I can’t describe the amount of times, growing up Canadian, that I heard throughout the years, how Americans hated Communism…naturally they elected a mentally handicapped American version of Hitler, makes total sense.

It’s all so ridiculous it’s surreal. I feel like I’m living in a very dark comedy about some very stupid individuals playing monopoly with real money whilst smoking crack, who perform group rituals wearing hooded robes and devil horns chanting in circles before sacrificing a goat and eating its heart right before signing documents destroying the freedom of the citizens who voted for them.

I read The Handmaids tale in high school and thought how interesting but totally implausible, a culture couldn’t possible regress to such extent after progressing so much. Well, here we are in 2017 and the current president of the United States, aka: the Free World, wants to take away health care and basic human rights from it’s citizens. He and his administration want to remove a womans right to decide what happens to her own body. He wants to go to war with every brown country on the planet and his besties are insane dictators that also have massive mental problems and keep their citizens imprisoned within the invisible lines of their countries boundaries.

The president himself is a caricature, a disgusting example of a human man that 99% of women on the planet look at and cringe, right before the words, “eewwww, gross” erupt from their mouths. His disgusting appearance would be something that I wouldn’t normally address, a politician’s lack of attractiveness has never been the important bit, but his atrocious personality and idiocy drive me to fight dirty sometimes. He’s an icky, slimy, ugly, gross ass dude. The type of dude that you make fun of in the club because he’s so oblivious that he actually thinks he’s got a shot. The kind of dude that touches you without being invited and you shrivel into a little ball in disgust because the skin on his hand is so disgustingly slimy. ICK. The kind of dude that your girlfriends come to save you from. The kind of dude that you walk away from confused that he had the nerve to attempt to hit on you in the first place, he must have a mirror somewhere in his house. The kind of dude that makes you think, if lizard people actually exist he is one of them.

This entire reality feels so hypnagogic that I genuinely wonder if the all-encompassing “they” aren’t waiting until next April 01st to announce the worldwide gag. If I were an audience member in an auditorium, (Because lets face it, we’re all audience members watching this atrocity. The only difference is that we can’t walk out and whatever policies are passed will affect you and everyone you care about.) I would laugh so very hard at the absurdity of it all, but living in the city where the presidents wife resides and participating in protests and speaking with locals and listening to the outrage of citizens coming to grips with the horrific reality that has just taken place; the damage that is already in process and the damage that we are all fearing will be next, is genuinely frightening.

Which is why I don’t know what to say. Not really.   I’m completely dumbfounded as to how this lunatic was elected in the first place, are so many Americans that oblivious? I’m tired of hearing the intellectual, analytical analysis’ of the people and their geographical ignorance and bigotry and sexism and etc., etc., etc. I’m tired of hearing about the most likely mental instability of the current President of the United States, don’t tell me you didn’t realize this whilst watching his reality television show. I’m tired of hearing about the investigations into his ties with Russia. As far as I’m concerned, he was a man who had so many counts against him before ever running for President that he should have been denied participation from the beginning. What we need to analyze and take responsibility for is how the American people allowed a man like this to run for President in the first place, and I mean all Americans. Stop hiding behind your denial, own your part. Then, once we take ownership for our mistakes we can work to remove him and his team from the government.

I haven’t found the silver lining yet and everything around the world seems to be imploding in it’s own way.

My solution, as of this moment is to live off the grid. Become 100% self-sufficient and create the life and atmosphere that I want for my family and myself. Fuck you dumb as government officials. I’m going to build an eco friendly, organic, free range, fair trade home and there is nothing you can do about it. You’re all morons or dickheads anyway, and I’m not just referring to the American government, Canada, you’re in this too, so are you France and England and Korea and Russia and every other country in the world that has dumb ass policies and dumb ass people running those policies. You Can ALL Suck It.

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