(a life breath or vital principle in Vedic and later Hindu religion : any of the three or more vital currents : the principle of life moving in the human body). Miriam-Websters dictionary.

Yoga as a creative process

Yoga fuels creativity by increasing and directing the flow of prana, the more I practice yoga the deeper I fall into it. The more intense my practice becomes, the more deliberate and conscious I become; the intensity is not necessarily from great physical effort but rather from an understanding and awakening that is initiated through mind/body connection. This can occur in any style of yoga from restorative to athletic to everything in between. In practicing consciously I develop an understanding of my body/mind/soul, as well as the deliberateness of each asana and the purposes they serve for my body/mind/soul. The more I understand why one pose would come before another and why one would come after, the more I feel and reflect the benefits of sequenced practice. I learn about the precision of form in relation to the physical body but also in relation to the energy flowing through my body. Developing and learning sequences that fluidly raise and release and absorb specific energies as a means of transformation and development. Through this deeper understanding I am able to create sequences that not only work within the traditions of yoga but also come from a deeper understanding of my SELF. I bring my Western culture and the Eastern traditions that I’ve learned together to create something special and unique. Within my personal creations there are many people who will relate and benefit. The irony being the healing power of individuation and true autonomy is what heals us as a whole. That is one heck of a creative process!

Savasana’s importance

Savasana stands for corpse pose and is metaphorically bringing your body to death that it may be reborn after your yoga practice. Throughout the practice we are moving in deliberate sequences that are meant to educate and transmute. Not only are we developing new neural, intellectual and energetic pathways but we are also extracting and releasing old ones. Savasana brings our mind, body and soul to rest and be still with everything we’ve raised, it helps us mourn what we’ve released what we no longer need and brings us to breath new life into the transformation that has just occurred that we may live again in freedom.

Drstanusravika visaya vitrisnasya vasikara samjna vairagyam

The development of consciousness frees us from superficial satiation, which leads to non-attachement. (my interpretation)

The term “non-attachment” is thrown around a lot in these yogic philosophies. I believe the concept is closer to the idea of “selective” or “deliberate” Attachment. It is ingrained within the Human Condition to seek desire and satisfaction outside of ourselves, relative to how our environments dictate what is important. Some of us have been raised to believe that happiness is a construct, rather than the truth; happiness is a basic truth.

Being deliberate through the practice of consciousness frees us from the constraints and shackles of socialized structures designed to imprison our psyche’s rather than free our souls.

Free your soul. Acknowledge yourself in all of your glory and folly. Be deliberate, choose your battles and choose your passions. Choose what you seek and be conscious of why you’re seeking it.

In other words…


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